The Romance of Tree Camping
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The Romance of Tree Camping

Tree camping in America, France and the UK. Find out why tree camping could be the most romantic holiday you've ever experienced.

There are a more than a few of us who think camping is boring, uncomfortable and something that requires too much effort. For those who are unimpressed with the idea of camping in general, a new concept is out to inspire you to take to the great outdoors, tree camping. That’s right, it means a tent suspended from a tree.

This unusual and adventurous way of camping is becoming more popular. Dutch and German companies even offer ‘child friendly’ tree camping, which means that the tent isn’t suspended high enough from the ground to scare anyone.

Designers all over the world are competing to make the most beautiful and practical tents imaginable and some of the views they offer are simply spectacular. In fact, designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has created the ultimate tree camping experience: The Bubble Tree. It is basically a transparent sphere, decorated with furniture, supplied with electricity and containing a special pump which keeps its oval shape. It can even be bought with a transparent ceiling. This creation allows tourists to spend the night being able to look upon a starry sky and be swayed softly to sleep without the fear of losing any home comforts. The bubble tent has already been a hit in France, where a weekend stay will cost you around $625.

In California they offer portaledge camping, where you sleep in a tent suspended high above the ground. Traditionally, a portaledge is a deployable hanging tent system which was designed for use by rock climbers on multiple night climbs. An assembled portaledge is a fabric covered tent, surrounded by a metal frame that hangs from a single point. It generally has adjustable suspension straps enabling it to be moved higher or lower. They have adapted the design for use on the California coast and whilst they have a canvas base and a metal frame, nothing more than mosquito netting surrounds the outside. The tents cost approximately $200 - $750 to buy, but they are available to rent as well. You’ll enjoy a stunning view of the sunset and sunrise over the pacific coastal waters, as long as you aren’t afraid of heights. Going to the toilet is sure to be fun, however.

Cornwall in the UK has even started its own campsite and has branded it the ‘The Mighty Oak Tree Climbing Company’. They use ‘tree boats’ or four cornered hammocks suspended high in ancient oak trees and the camper will be safe up high by the use of a rope and harness at all times. The adventure starts at 3pm and finishes at 11am the following day. Your day will involve swinging from tree to tree, with the use of a harness, and a guided introductory climb. You can expect to pay £140 for a one night stay in one of Robin Hood’s favourite trees, the mighty Oak.

What more is there to say, but happy camping!


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Comments (28)

Wow! I've never heard of this :)

THAT is brilliant! let's start a campground in Santa Cruz!

Not heard of this before, I always thought of camping as a cheaper alternative to the high cost of hotels. This camping is certainly not cheap.

I have never practiced this way of camping, but it looks very interesting..Thanks Ann for sharing

According to my children, I now have to spend the weekend building a campsite in our trees (thanks Ann!). Great article, must admit, it looks great fun.

LOL Steve - But just think of all the peace and quiet you'll have once they're up there!

I love to camp, but camping for me means roughing it and this type of camping doesn't strike me as roughing it. I go go camping all year round--Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter--in all kinds of weather. This tree camping seems to civilized for me :-)) A very well written and illustrated article none the less.

I don't like heights but this does sound very attractive. The pleasure of camping to me is being out of doors, if I can take some indoor comforts with me then that is all the better. A most original and inspiring piece. Voted up.

I don't like heights but this does sound very attractive. The pleasure of camping to me is being out of doors, if I can take some indoor comforts with me then that is all the better. A most original and inspiring piece. Voted up. (excuse the previous comment I was not signed in).

This is fabulous. What a unique thing to do.

I have never heard of this style of camping before. Seems very intriguing. As an avid camper I am always willing to try new techniques as well as equipment (tents), only problem here in Iowa is no trees, only corn...oh well...great article though

Oh anne, this is very lovely! Wish i can experience this...

Many thanks everyone for the lovely comments!

I've never heard of this, but the BubbleTree looks very lovely. It would certainly be a one-of-a-kind experience!

I have never heard of this, too! I sounds like lots of fun! Good work!

Voted up. Great work

Very cool! I did not know that tree camping was so elaborate. My boyfriend and I actually have hammock tents that we purchased for under $100 each...they are under 2 lbs, and have a simple nylon bottom and attached mosquito net "ceiling"...nothing you could put your backpack in or anything more than yourself and some small pocket stuff, but the point was to use them in Florida to keep out the many creepy crawlies and flying biting creatures here. So if anyone wants to go camp in a tree on the cheap, start by looking up "skeeter beeter hammock tent" on Google....

What a wonderful idea! I do have an issue with ehights but this looks too good to miss. Now, if their prices were a little more pocket friendly this is definitely one I'd like to try :D Another great write-up, Ann :D

Who needs a tent?

a lovely idea of camping and vacation! excellent article with fun, appealing pictures!

I have never been out camping. Wonderful article and lovely pictures!

Now this is the kind of camping I could get into! Looks fun! Voted up!

Like others before me, I had never heard of this, but it does sound and look interesting.

Lin Lin

I had never herd of this.But It's very magical and fantastic.

Outstanding work.

I missed this article. Surely this is interesting adventure.

WOW! -A TREE SCHOOL adventure?! J'ever see the movie "Medicine Man?" There was a real 'tree school' for the set, used in the film... Anyway, I'd do it! Just last month, a co-worker and myself went on the CN Tower EDGE WALK here in Toronto: a 30-minute tethered walk around the OUTSIDE of the CN Tower, which still bills itself and the world's tallest free-standing tower. 116 stories above the ground, we hung-out over the edge, received commemorative photos and a DVD video of our adventure which I posted in 4-parts on YouTube: 1rst part here: I am 3rd of 6 in this procession... ;-)

That looks fantastic and if I ever visit Toronto, I'll sign myself up. The only thing I've done close to that is the Sydney Harbour Bridge tethered walk... amazing videos! Bet you had loads of fun ;-)