The World's Most Beautiful and Significant Taigas
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The World's Most Beautiful and Significant Taigas

Taigas from around the world are among the most important eco-regions. Here are some of the most notable and beautiful boreal forests or taigas in the world.

First of all, let’s define Taiga. Taiga is a biome characterized by coniferous forest. It is also known as the boreal forest. Taiga is the largest terrestrial biome and covers in the world. Taigas are situated in temperate and frigid zones of the world. The term Taiga is of Russian origin. Taigas from around the world are among the most important eco-regions.

Here are some of the most notable and beautiful boreal forests or taigas in the world.

1.) White Spruce Taiga

Image Source

The Picea Glauca Taiga is located in Denali Highway, Alaska in the United States. Alaska Range is visible in the background.

2.) Russian Taiga

Image Source

The Russian Taiga is located in the river valley near Verkhoyansk, Russia. The tree species in this forested area are among the sturdiest in the world because at 67°N these trees must deal with the coldest winter temperatures in the northern hemisphere.

Image Source

Taigas are safe place for scientific explorations and studies such as the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, a Russian spaceport which is situated in the taiga.

3.) Yukon Taiga

Image Source

Yukon Taiga is located in Yukon, Canada. Several of the longest rivers in the world go through the taiga such as Lena, Mackenzie, Ob and Yenisei.

4.) Scandinavian and Russian Taiga

Image Source

The Scandinavian and Russian Taiga is an ecoregion is situated in Northern Europe between tundra in the north and temperate mixed forests in the south and occupies about 2,156,900 km² in Finland, Norway and Sweden and the northern part of European Russia. It is the largest eco-region in Europe.

5.) East Siberian Taiga

Image Source

The East Siberian Taiga eco-region is a very large bio-geographic region located in eastern Russia. The above photo depicts the Taiga of Far East near Imeni Poliny Osipenko village, Khabarovsk Krai, Russia.

6.) Sweden Taiga

Image Source

Sweden is one of the world's most beautiful country. The Sweden Taiga is characterized by widespread bogs and peatland. The taiga is also home to a unique flora and contains huge deposits of carbon. The above picture was taken in a peat bog in Dalartna, Sweden.

7.) Central Canadian Shield Forests

Image Source

The Central Canadian Shield Forests are a taiga eco-region of Canada that consists of rolling hills, lakes, bogs and rocky outcrops. The area has a cool climate with summer temperatures averaging around 13°C dropping to a very cold -17°C in winter.

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